What Makes Me A “Pretty Mess”



I suppose I’ll start with why this quote stood out so much to me; I’m the type of person that owns her shit, good bad or ugly. I am blunt, I tell it like it is, I am aggressive and I do whatever I want at any given moment no matter how people who don’t matter feel about it but at the same time I’m also as soft as they come.  My mother used to tell me that I would run out of tears because I used to cry so much.

I’ve learned the hard way (on many occasions -more on this later)  that Life isn’t always what you want it to be, what its suppose to be or how you dreamt it to be BUT my mom always told me “Nuh mek weh ya guh true show pon yuh” – Angella Holmes (You’ll hear a lot from her on this blog lol).  In proper english that pretty much means always put your best foot forward.  No matter what you’re going through in life always wake up and put yourself together; it makes you feel better and will definitely make you feel like you can take on anything especially when you look fabulous doing it!

So that’s always been me. I could be broke, tired, sick, hungry – whatever! You’ll never see these stresses on me; I always put my best foot forward no matter what! And then I go home and cry about it later! LOL

Some people say that’s not actually solving the problem thats just covering it up with makeup and nice clothes.  Agreed!  Vanity does not solve your problems but guess what its a start.  A lot of depressed people or people going through a tough time in life find it even difficult to get out of bed, open the curtains to let the light in or even simple go outside.  At least when you “Nuh mek weh ya guh true show pon yuh” you can at least face the world and attempt to solve one problem at a time.

If you don’t take care of your self who else will?  I think we as women always forget about taking care of ourselves first.  We invest time and energy into people and things that sometimes don’t add anything to our lives and actually takes away from it.  You’ll go months without doing anything for yourself and catering to everyone elses needs and even after years of doing this you realized you’ve lost yourself in the process.

So I say, DON’T LOSE YOURSELF BABY GIRL! Go get your nails done, your hair done, your eyebrows done, a facial, get waxed (whichever body part makes you feel brand new *wink*), put on some fly ass clothes that make you feel overdressed and take on all your problems and the world looking fabulous! Fuck it!

I am currently in the process of learning who the big ‘oman version of Mesha is.  It’s hard because I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits (more on this in the future) that I’m trying to break. I’m working on becoming the best version of me but at the same time I don’t want to lose the essence of who I am…

“Such A Pretty Mess..” – Ms. Mesha Gaye

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