And so it begins…

Hey Ladies… and Gents! Welcome to my fabulous world – well fab on a budget that is!

Such A Pretty Mess is all about Beauty, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion with a twist and I say “twist’ simply because I’m not of this time.

If you know me or anything about me Sheila E’s ‘Glamourous Life’ and Vanity 6’s ‘Nasty Girl” plays in my head on a daily basis lol.  I’m clearly stuck in the 80s.

You know when you envision something for yourself but you don’t know where to start? .. well that has been me for a hot minute.  I have this creative side that I never really tapped into regardless of people continually asking me to.

I feel like I took all right steps after Highschool.  I went to university; University of Windsor and graduated with a BA in communications and minor in Politic Science.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that the type of degree I got and the field I wanted to go into didn’t jive so yo’ girl went back to school ’cause all my life I wanted to be Oprah, and that wasn’t going to happen without more education and experience.

So I attended Seneca College at the York University Campus and graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Journalism.  I also did an internship at CTV’s morning show “Canada AM” (I hated it).


After attending Seneca I knew I actually loved everything about journalism, the program was amazing and for the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed attending school!

Now during this time (my mid 20s) I was also going through my “hot girl” phase lol, I was everywhere, at every event decked out! I really got into vintage clothing and did a lot of vintage shopping.  I had a plethora of 80s and 90s party dresses that i altered to make them more modern (one of my favourite things to do)


Not to mention I had this gift from my mother to do hair – so i was flyyyyyyy at all costs.

The point here is I was always interested in Being on TV, Fashion, Hair, Makeup and everything fabulous.

And for a long time I didn’t know where to start and what to do so here I am, fear aside…



— Ms. Mesha Gaye


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