The excitement for Black Panther is far beyond what we could of imagined or should I say what I could of imagined!

You really can’t give black people nuthin! lol .. we just don’t know how to act.

All jokes aside all the hype for the past couple of months got me to the theatre to see a Marvel movie and I could careless for Marvel but this shit right here is #BlackExcellence at it finest so I was there for it!

On Black Panther Day (February 16th – the day the movie came out) social media was losing it! The premiere night antics and reviews were in.  From Prince of Zamunda costumes to Dashikis to African drummers and Dancers to hot plates in the theatre Black people showed up and showed out!


I wore all Black- That was as extravagant as it was gonna get for me.  lol

LET ME TELLLLLLLL YOU ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!! Absolutely amazing! The cast, the costumes, the story, the message, the visuals, the black men, the black women. EVERYTHING was more that what I expected!

The surprise breakout for me was Michael B. Jordan who played Killmonger (the Villain who we all had empathy for). I didn’t expect this level of super human aggression from lil ol’ Michael. LAWD!


The women in the film were strong, smart, beautiful LEADERS. The 2 standouts for me were Letitia Wright who played Shuri;  T’Challa’s (The King of Wakanda/Black Panther) younger sister; the girl is hilarious!  And Danai Gurira who played Okoye the head of the Dora Milaje, an all-female royal honour guard who played no games when it came to defending the King and her country!



But what really surprised me was the story and how it was told. Without giving anything away a lot of what happens has to do with our history and what the world is right now. It is an open, unapologetic look at who we are. It really is more than just a Marvel movie.



— Ms. Mesha Gaye



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