Black Girls fight everyday B! Here’s some inspiration to help you with your #HairGoals – This Months Feature – Issa Rae

Since I love hair so much I’ve decided to do a monthly post featuring some women that are changing the game when it comes to their hair!

Us black women get bored with our hair very quickly and always want to change it up but thinking of the next hairstyle is probably one of the most intense things we will ever do! It’s beyond stressful! lol

For this month’s feature I’ve decided to go with Issa Rae! Who is the creator, co-writer and star of the hit HBO series Insecure.  You may be asking; Why Issa? Simply because the bitch is everything! (and please don’t be offended by my use of the word ‘Bitch’ – it’s a term of endearment between my girls and I…but dare a man call me that and we fightin’ – yea I know an entire contradiction *not interested face* – I told you I was a mess!).  Anywhos! This woman is everything! And we need more like her.

Watching her #glowup has been amazing! She makes a girl want to be herself and not conform to the pressures of society when it comes to what we should look like.  And you already know the types of pressures we are dealing with on a daily basis.

Also the fact that she is a naturalista and stays giving us looks hunt!  She is worthy of our very first #HairGoals feature!  So here are few looks that I love and maybe you can gain some inspiration from!

#HairGoals Issa Rae
1. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
2. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
3. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
4. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
5. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
6. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
7. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
8. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
9. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
10. #HairGoals Issa Rae


#HairGoals Issa Rae
11. #HairGoals Issa Rae

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