When Prince is LIFEEEE! Part Two: The B-Sides “If I Was Ur Girlfriend”

Prince Rogers Nelson – the originator, the musical genius, THEEEEE mannnnnn! I discovered him when I was just ten years old; I heard TLC’s “Crazy, Sexy Cool” album (One of my all time faves) and the one song that stood out for me was “If I was ur girlfriend.”

TLC's Crazy, Sexy, Cool (1994)
TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool (1994)

At ten years old it spoke to me and I didn’t realize it was a remake until later I read the credits and realized it was originally recorded by Prince!

Needless to say “If I was ur girlfriend” is probably my favourite Prince song of all time; it’s really the best song ever made! Yeahhhhh I said it!  Any who’s”If I Was Your Girlfriend” was the second single from Prince’s 1987 double album Sign o’ the Times.

The song was about a male’s perspective to a woman, where Prince explores the possibilities of a more intimate relationship if he were his lover’s platonic girlfriend. At the time Trouser Press named the song as one of the album’s highlights, noting that it “redefines a relationship in a surprisingly mature way.”

Word on the street is “If I Was Your Girlfriend” deals with the jealousy Prince felt at the close bond shared between then girlfriend/fiancée Susannah Melvoin with her twin sister Wendy.

Now if we’re talking about B-sides and what you NEED to be listening to another one of my all time faves would have to be “Erotic City.”

One thing I love about Prince is that he always expressed exactly how he felt sexually with no filter and “Erotic City” is just that. The song features Sheila E and the use of the word “Fuck” to describe what it is they about to do alllllll night! lol

It was released as the B-side to the 1984 single “Let’s Go Crazy” and the 12″ version of the 1986 single “Girls & Boys.”

Prince & Sheila E in 1988
Prince & Sheila E in 1988

You can’t find the original version searching google so just stream “Prince – The Hits/B-sides” on Apple Music. Now I’m here to school you on what makes Prince! Prince! in my eyes.  It’s not the top 40 songs you know it’s the hidden gems.

Number #3 on the list is “I Love U in ME.”  You can only imagine how “deep” this one goes. “I Love U In Me” was released as the b-side on the single The Arms Of Orion, the third single from his eleventh album Batman.

Number #4 is “The Beautiful Ones.” Its not a B-side song but it is one of the most passionate songs ever recorded.

“The Beautiful Ones” is a tale of emotional longing for unrequited love. Starting out as a slow falsetto ballad it gradually builds in volume and intensity, and by the end of the song, Prince is screaming out “Do you want him, or do you want me? ‘Cause I want you!”

And last but not least “Adore.” (originally titled Adore (Until The End Of Time)) is the seventh and final track on the second disc of his ninth album Sign O’ The Times

Prince in "Under The Cherry Moon" (1988)
Prince in “Under The Cherry Moon” (1988)

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